Kunyanja Clinic
Kunyanja Clinic
Kunyanja Clinic

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Our Target

The Brook Surgery is looking to raise £50,000 in the first year to fund the build, development and initial funding of a Health Clinic in Northern Malawi, with help from our long standing friends, patrons and patients in our own community here in North London.

We are using  Kindlink, a reputable and proven fundraising platform to manage our donations. You can access the donation page here.

Target: £50,000

A look around The Masambiro Clinic

Our short videos will help you get a sense of what we are trying to achieve.

Treatment Room
Rest Room

About The Masambiro Clinic

Who we are

Masambiro UK is a registered UK charity (registered number 1170717) and was the idea of Mandy Wilkins and Jason Strelitz who founded it on returning from honeymoon in Malawi over 20 years ago. In a nutshell they built a local school with the unstinting help of a dedicated group of local Malawians, the Kunyanja Trust and the generosity of hundreds of UK donors.

What we have achieved so far

Over this time many thousands of children who had no likelihood of receiving even the most basic education have now received a solid secondary education with over 100 passing onto University.

The school has brought other benefits to the community; jobs, income generation through small businesses connected to the school, running water and electricity which were not available to the surrounding villages until the school got those connections to the grid, and a road.  

What we are hoping to achieve

Education is only the beginning. Sadly in a country where life expectancy is only just above 60 years of age, early deaths are all too common.  But local access to preventable health care can make a huge difference.  In communities like Nkhata Bay, accessible treatment for malaria, basic infections, women’s health and maternity care and access to vaccinations and HIV care would save many lives and prevent long-term health complications.

As a lifelong friend of Jason, Dr Dan Brook, is excited to announce a new partnership between the Brook Surgery, Masambiro UK, and the Kunyanja Trust which will address these gaps and save many lives.

Utilising an existing site next to Kunyanja Secondary School, and with your support, we will create a clinic to offer basic primary and preventative health care to the local community.  Staffed by local Malawian medical professionals we will meet the aims above – reaching out to the many thousands across the community who struggle to access healthcare.  Over time staff from The Brook Surgery will be able to spend time at the Kunyanja Clinic, sharing skills with local staff and supporting community members themselves.

And How Are We Doing?

Our Target – £50,000

And up to today we have raised an incredible